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no1967 replied to your post:Officially applying to jobs in the private…

A clothing store that has water and snacks for dogs outside and also sells tea (*v*)/~<3

Why isn’t this a real place near my house? >.<


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Officially applying to jobs in the private industry. I have 2 pages (and 4+ years) of work experience in project managing, accounting, cost estimating, administrative work, etc, on TOP of an engineering degree.

I want a fun job where I can talk with people and drink tea and pick out outfits and pet puppies all day. Where is this dream job??

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So the heat wave is still raging on here in Los Angeles. Today, I could feel the soles of my shoes sticking to the asphalt. 

There’s also a hurricane raging on in Mexico. Supposedly (this is an unconfirmed theory), this drought is due to the moisture/water being redistributed to the hurricane (not a weather expert, so not sure of terminology, nor the science behind it- but I thought it was interesting to think about anyway).

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People tend to get upset when I start yawning while they blab on about how so-and-so celebrity cheated on whats-is-name with whats-er-face, and yet they shut me down when I tell them about diseases associated with consuming GMOs. This is why we’re in such deep shit right now, people. Our priorities are garbage. 


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glowing calcite! (under UV light)


glowing calcite! (under UV light)

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Just remembered that one night my friend and I had tacos from the Don Cuco’s truck and watched a community garden documentary at city hall, then I came home and had boba. LA lyfe~

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Note to self: study the psychological effects of color.

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no1967 replied to your post:Am I the only one who thinks the Guild Wars…

Do you have GW2????

I do! But I haven’t played it in a while. Also, I lost interest in storyline progression after I discovered jumping puzzles =X

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"I enjoy the simple things in life… Like hiding candies in my belly button for later."

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Am I the only one who thinks the Guild Wars soundtrack is incredibly soothing? (Esp GW 1 and Factions)

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 Seeing my closest friend go down a path of self destruction is hard as hell, but all I can do is be there when they need a shoulder to cry on, which is great…. Because I’d rather give difficult people lots of space anyway (i.e. DISTANCE) and only be there when I’m absolutely needed. 

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People: Support Breast Cancer Awareness!
Me: Breast cancer and all other cancers are already curable and here’s why most people do not know this information.
People: Why don’t you calm the f*ck down. I said AWARENESS. I do not care about cures!
Me: ……….

>.< I run into the same crap.

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